Family Vacation

Sunshine Zombiegirl
6 min readFeb 18, 2023

A trip of a lifetime.

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

The trip had been planned for years. Everything had to be just right. Nothing was left to chance. The family didn’t go on holiday together often. Everything lined up in their schedules. The kids were on summer vacation. Her spouse had two full weeks to take off from work. And the van was nearly packed.

Her husband offered to help shove things into their rental, but she told him no.

When he saw the large vehicle, her husband asked, “Why do we need something like this? The gas mileage is going to be awful cross-country.”

Her coy smile slipped onto her face before she replied, “I’ve got a surprise planned. Plus, it has a lot of room, and we won’t feel cramped on the drive.”

He shrugged and walked away, and her smile grew wider.

Finally, the big day came. The kids milled around aimlessly while they waited for the word to go. The last few needed items were carefully placed in the van. Everyone took a final bathroom run before climbing into their seats.

She pulled the map app on her phone. It silently communicated to her that the drive would be thirty-two hours with expected delays. She pressed the ‘start’ button, and a calming voice announced, “Turn left at the light.”